Is your life turning out the way as you planed?

Is your life turning out the way as you planed? After many years of marriage life, do you ask yourself such a question? What is your answer?

I like to think of myself as a planner, I am proud I can manage and plan my job, my career to turn out the way as I expected. But I can never fully plan everything in life, something so called love, something so called marriage.

I guess many of you are same as me, right?

I wonder how many people are really very satisfied in their marriage. I wonder how many people knew that the marriage will be sure turning out as their plan. Does anyone really know for sure?

I don't think so.

A lot of people still are very happy with their marriage though the life is not turning out the way as they expected. Why? Are you happy? Why you are not happy? All depend on our attitude towards life.

Life is not just what we see it but how we see it.

Happy or not is your own choice. You can either blame life for your circumstances or you can embrace them and grow. There will be a lot of culture shock among international marriage, especially as foreigners who married to Singaporean. Life is never turn out as you planed. Marriage life may not turn out as you expected. But you still need to make yourself happy.

Why not. Take what you have and make it the best.

About this blog & me

This blog is not only a personal journey. It is about Singapore lifestyle, about relationship in a marriage, religion and belief, love and forgiveness, wedding culture in different country and more, it is about anything can be happened in our daily life.

International marriage is indeed complicated. Not only we must decide for everything but also we must consider parents in law of both parties. Aside from that family rule must abide culture and hierarchy.

How many people from other country married to Singaporean? I hope through this blog we can share some thoughts and know better about this country and culture.

Anyway, life is not just what you see it but how you see it.