The wheel

An old wheel lies in the work shop
Many years on the road rounds and rounds
Turning, spinning, the wheel running
Without wondering what is the life struggling for
Till the day of ending

The old wheel lies at the corner now
Seeing many other wheels rounds in and out,
You are busy checking the wheel base
Ups and downs
Many phone calls, many drawings, many work
Life like a wheel running on the road
Has been hurt, has been burst,
Has been treasured, has been abandoned
Such a world without much choices on fate

Love stagnate
Such a life turn like a wheel

PS.Wheel Friday.

Entrance To Love

An entrance to a home,
where someone there,
waiting for you,
no matter how late,
no matter how far you are…
That is entrance to Love.

Beyond The Lonely Tree

ABC Wednesday, My “B’ is a poem start with “B”,

and a photo for SkyWatch On Friday.

Beyond the lonely tree ,
My loneliness is flying free…

An voice from beyond,
Saying dear you are not alone,
Love is everywhere.
But why I only see the lonely tree?

Beyond the lonely tree ,
Sunset sky is so pretty,
Which the love should be.
But why my eyes can’t see ?

Beyond the lonely tree,
Loneliness is the feeling-
Come and go quickly in the wind.

Beyond the lonely tree,
Someday you just missed me

Letter : L For Love

Love is a piece of mirror,

The true you inside the mirror,

Ugly or pretty, it shows all,

Love is a piece of mirror,

You can’t hide, you can’t pretend,

Good or bad, it tells all,

Love is a piece of mirror,

Simple and straight

Once broken will never be

The same piece again

PS. For the Sunday Scribblings prompt 'Letter', What is the letter in your mind?

One Single Impression: Angel

Angel if she has a broken wing

She can’t fly

She cry

Angel with a broken heart

She fly

She sigh

PS. A Song I like to listen and always make me cry…

Lyrics to Angel Of Broken Hearts :

How do I move on from here
when everything I lost is what I want
This ocean left inside of me has become her memory's favorite place to haunt
How can the best I ever had
hurt so bad hurt so long
You know I'm not that strong {Chorus}
Angel of broken hearts where on earth are you tonight
Help me find a place to start to get me over her
Maybe I mistreated love have I not suffered long enough
Angel of broken hearts take this pain away Take this pain away
Some days I think that I've come through the worst of it
and I'm on the healing side
And then she kicks up like a dustbowl wind
and covers up my mind
I lose hours I lose days in the haze that used to be
and then I'm on my knees {Chorus} I've paid with prayers
I've paid with tears But I'll probably pay for years
I could use a little mercy here

A For Art-ABC Wednesday

Today is the last day of Singapore Garden Festival show 2010, I was so busy for the past few days, missed the chance to slowly visit this fantastic garden show…Nothing much on the last day, especially the last few hours…Well, will wait and visit the next event 2 years later…

So here is one of the photo…

Enjoy the art of flowers, and visit the ABC WEDNESDAY 7th Round.

One Single Impression: Preponderance

The snails she carries a shell all the time
It's really her home thought it is small
It goes where she roams
It is her preponderance
A place to live day & nights
The snail she lives in her hard round shell
Travels up and down everyday
Slowly up the wall
She dreams she can fly
To far far away in the sky
Kissing all the kites
Slimy and slippery
The snail moves slowly
Her eyes on stalks
Moving around to see this world
Happily believe that she really can fly
Confidence her preponderance
She believe she can fly
I believe I can dream
And all my dream will come true in the end

Roots in the water

A lot of things in life like those roots, they come across each other, you just can’t get a clear picture.

Visit Watery Wednesday again today, many amazing photos…