One single impression : win

My dear baby
Yes, I would like to see you win
Take home the big prize,
With the best result in the class
Which parent don’t like to see their kid win
Medals, honors and scholarships are always great
But my dear baby
Someone win some other lose
That is the rule in every competition
There is success there is failure
Yes my dear baby
I want you always win
Even when you lose
I want you
Overcome the fear of failure
Overcome the fear of being rejected
Win or lose
I am proud of you
Trying your best in participating the exam
And being you
------P.S: This poem was written for my dear daughter, after the PSLE (the Primary School Leaving Examination) result released, she was in a low mood for a few days, as just a 3 marks lower than the last year cut off point, she may not have chance to go into NJC, so called one of the best top five secondary schools in Singapore…She felt so sad and I just can’t help much, maybe I have given her too much pressure in the past few years, that is why she is so not satisfied of her such a good result (yeas to me, to a lot of other children and parents, her result is really really more than good enough)…Is there any problem in our education system?

I wish I could cheer her up and God bless for her dream come true… 

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Blue sky - weekend reflections #18

Christmas blue

Blue is my most favorite color, it is cool, but sometime can be a bit sad, right?

Anyway I am sharing some of my favorites "Blue" here with Midweek Blues here, continued from my previous post: Christmas month 2010 at Orchard road. Wishing all of  you have a very happy Christmas Month of December.

Christmas month 2010 at Orchard road

Christmas decoration at Orchard road...

I don’t really enjoy walking along Orchard Road, except during Christmas time. This time around- there are many big and elaborate Christmas decorations along the Orchard Road, as usual it is still a bit overwhelming by too many designer stores and tons of people. It is quite funny to see many local Singaporean wearing flip-flops and sundresses walking past snowmen and reindeer, taking photograph under the fake Christmas tree. A Christmas without the real Christmas trees, without the snow and without the Christmas mood, Christmas here is shopping, shopping and still shopping. Sigh.
The pictures posted here are just a few of the many pictures I took while walking along the street…

The modern building ION Orchard on the right. At night, the whole front of the building lights up in all different colors, a big Christmas tree in front of the building.

The theme for this year's Christmas light-up is "Starlit Christmas" with the decorations revolving around the star representing love, peace and joy.

Orchard Road has been divided into three colour segments - pink representing peace, blue representing joy and purple representing love.

And I love the big teddy bear in front of Takashimaya, "Live, Laught, Love"-yeah, my own wish for the coming new year 2011.

Lovely green - weekend reflections #17

weekend reflection weekend reflection

Autumn leaves- weekend reflections #16

Another photo was taken in Germany, I love the yellow beautiful autumn color.

Falling in love
With autumn leaves
They have the smell of home

Rain water - weekend reflections #15

I was so happy to have a few hours of the sunshine after so many days of cold and rainy weather, wile walk alone to the car park, I saw the tree reflections in the rain water on the road…That was a happy surprise for me, sometime back in Germany …

Rainbow - weekend reflectionS #14

A guy was walking with the girl friend along the street, they are talking about the rainbow.

“What kind of wishes will you make when you see the rainbow?” The guy asked.

“I will quickly take out my camera…and I wish I could have a better camera to capture the beauty of the rainbow. “Said the girl friend.

Long silence, disappointment written on his face,

They have different views in life…LOL, not a joke but a story from my friend.

One single impression: fancy (weekend reflections #13)

Missing you
Between reality and fancy
Autumn daydream

One single impression: grace

Thinking of you

In the chilly wind

I watched the leaves dancing

Whisper the grace of love

Blue and green weekend reflection

weekend reflection

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One single impression: lonely

Family gathering

Gamble, gossip, bored housewives

Lovely night

*Linked to One Single Impression, Prompt: lonely

Housing estate for weekend reflection

weekend reflection
More weekend reflection at Newtown Area Photo by James.

ABC Wednesday-L for Love

Today was the final farewell to Mrs Lee Kuan Yew. She is a lady who is undoubtedly the Mother of our young nation, having stood by the country through thick and thin…And the most impressed me is their love.

MM Lee and Mrs Lee are well-known to be a very loving couple.

There are so many famous people in this world, from eastern country to western country, who had a marriage like theirs? Their marriage is made in heaven, they have gone through 60 over years together in life, I hope we will all have lovely and great marriages like that too.

In memory of their true love, here’s Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, as my final farewell to Mrs Lee.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:

O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.

Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

ABC Wednesday-L for Love

One single impress: try

One single impression: try

I try to believe you will be back
Though waiting in vain
I try my best to love
Though love ends up with hurt

I try very hard to remain the person
I suppose to be but most of the time I failed
I try to be honest
when the world is full of lies
But no one would like to hear my scream

I try to catch the shadow in my dreams
But I only take our the camera in reality
There is always a gab between try and not trying
It is up to you to choose

With all my hesitation and expectation in life
I try to live
as who I am

I try to remember the colors of rainbow
When my sky is dark grey storm is coming
I try my best to learn dancing in the rain
While waiting for the sun shine again

One single impress: monument

Built in the memory of
Who are alive

Paying respect to the ancestors
With food, drinks, incense, Heaven money, 
Computer, hand phone  and more
Though they may have none of all these
When they are alive
Ghost festivals are celebrated for the live one

Built for the live ones
To remember debris of time

A note here for my beloved ones
No monument needed
No praying needed
Forget me if you can
When I am apart
To another world with peace and love

No more exit when the world full of peace and love
Appreciate live one when they are alive

PS, picture taken during the 7th month of Chinese calendar, people burns the paper and display the foods by the road side…This is a part of celebrating of Ghost Month. But I read from some reports that some of the unfilial children refuse to take care the parents when they are alive but having a big ceremony when they are gone…  

Ripple weekend reflection

J For Journey-ABC Wednesday


The journey is lonely,
The journey is bored,
The journey is long,
The journey full of fun,
If you are around.

One single impression: Joie de vivre

One single impression this week's prompt“Joie de vivre” suggested by Leo, “Joie de vivre” (from the French joie, "joy"; de, "of"; vivre, "living"; "the joy of living").

Visit the poem by Leo and other wonderful poems and haiku at One Single Impression, click the link from my side bar, I like this meme, reading the posts is one of my weekend’s joys.

So enjoy the joy of living now, this is one of my photograph captured in an early morning a few days ago.

One single impression: Joie de vivre

Morning dew, sunshine,
Grasshopper dancing in the wind
Appreciate the beauty of nature
Peace in mind, Joie de vivre 

Watery weekend reflection


One single impression: the passing

The flowers are dying
The man said
With tears in his eyes
Wilted flowers reminded him
The passing of the beloved wife
She was dead when the newborn baby cried

More new blooms start
The daughter said
Wilted flowers reminded her
The passing of the dearest mom
In peaceful heaven she is now
Thanks god we are alive and know to treasure the life

if you see the dead end

why don’t you treasure the life

Shadow shot: spring horse at the playground

Turtle couple for weekend reflection

Hungry Ghost Festival

What is Hungry Ghost Festival ? Just like Halloween, but the ‘Hungry Ghost festival’ is for the Chinese. The festival that falls on the 7th month of the lunar New Year so called 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival too.

In Chinese tradition, it is believed that during this month, the gates of hell are opened to free the hungry ghosts who then wander to seek food on Earth. A lot of people will celebrate this festival to remember their dead family members and pay tribute to them. So they bring a lot of food to display at the road side, but I never seen any ghost finished all the food, but there are a lot of birds having party with the food left over at the road side. Of course there are many “hell money” and other rubbish seen everywhere too, because the ghost is not afraid of those fine issued by Singapore government.

I am blogging this not because to complain the ashes posed a problem to our environment or the burning of “Hell Money” creates potential of danger…In fact there are some fun activities come along with this Ghost Festival, I was thinking want to take some photos of those fun activities during the month, but I was too busy to do so.

Personally, I don’t believe in any form of paying respect to those dead family members, do they really can come out from so called hell to eat the food, drink the water? Lol. Why can’t we treat those who are alive well and no need to wait until they left from this world. Be good to our parents, spend more time with them, listen to their nagging, pay attention to their loneliness, try our best to make them happy when they alive, treasure the time with the family, treasure the people around us, isn’t it more important than offering food, burning incense when they are dead?

Well, some post about the Ghost Festival  here and here…Just to share the Singapore Chinese culture with my blog friends from Tuesday My World. I hope I never offend anyone.

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An ordinary tree

An ordinary tree
Moved to a new place alone
The tree had to let go
All the leaves of majestic green
And those beautiful blooms
To attempt to grow over changing seasons
Start from a dot of green slowly grow
In a country far away from hometown
With love, hope and care
The tree soon will full of thick green foliage
This is the life of
An ordinary tree
Traveled across the world

One Single Impression: choices

If I have choices
I won’t like to sit here counting the petals
If I have choices
I would rather run away from your life
But I know you are always in my mind
No matter how far I go
No matter how many choices I have

Houses and bridge for weekend reflection

Weekend Reflections is hosted by James. There are more beautiful reflections captured by others from all different places. It is fun to kill time if you are bored at home and no place to go on this weekend.

Random thoughts about kite

Midweek Blues, blue sky, blue kite, maybe blue mood too…I found some random thoughts about kite, written on a piece of blue paper…

A park, a friend
An evening walk
Blue sky
A happy kite
Fly so high


Wind blowing,
String goes slack
Ego is destroyed
Fly aimless 
The lonely kite


Never wished
I was a kite up in the sky
No matter how far can fly 
You hold the string of mine
The poor kite

Night views from the Singapore Flyer

Should I say it is night views? Actually pictures below were token in the morning about 6am, a special trip organized by church to Singapore flyer.

View from Singapore flyer

…some aerial views of Marina Bay and esplanade from the Singapore Flyer,

 View from Singapore flyer

…it's a wonderful sensation. Standing at a stunning 165m from the ground, enjoy the breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Bay, our island city and beyond.

View from Singapore flyer

It was unfortunate that my camera is not good enough to capture the wonderful scenery.

View from Singapore flyer

This is my world-Singapore!

View from Singapore flyer

…and this is my favorite one to use for the post One single impress: pensive.