Christmas month 2010 at Orchard road

Christmas decoration at Orchard road...

I don’t really enjoy walking along Orchard Road, except during Christmas time. This time around- there are many big and elaborate Christmas decorations along the Orchard Road, as usual it is still a bit overwhelming by too many designer stores and tons of people. It is quite funny to see many local Singaporean wearing flip-flops and sundresses walking past snowmen and reindeer, taking photograph under the fake Christmas tree. A Christmas without the real Christmas trees, without the snow and without the Christmas mood, Christmas here is shopping, shopping and still shopping. Sigh.
The pictures posted here are just a few of the many pictures I took while walking along the street…

The modern building ION Orchard on the right. At night, the whole front of the building lights up in all different colors, a big Christmas tree in front of the building.

The theme for this year's Christmas light-up is "Starlit Christmas" with the decorations revolving around the star representing love, peace and joy.

Orchard Road has been divided into three colour segments - pink representing peace, blue representing joy and purple representing love.

And I love the big teddy bear in front of Takashimaya, "Live, Laught, Love"-yeah, my own wish for the coming new year 2011.

Lovely green - weekend reflections #17

weekend reflection weekend reflection

Autumn leaves- weekend reflections #16

Another photo was taken in Germany, I love the yellow beautiful autumn color.

Falling in love
With autumn leaves
They have the smell of home

Rain water - weekend reflections #15

I was so happy to have a few hours of the sunshine after so many days of cold and rainy weather, wile walk alone to the car park, I saw the tree reflections in the rain water on the road…That was a happy surprise for me, sometime back in Germany …

Rainbow - weekend reflectionS #14

A guy was walking with the girl friend along the street, they are talking about the rainbow.

“What kind of wishes will you make when you see the rainbow?” The guy asked.

“I will quickly take out my camera…and I wish I could have a better camera to capture the beauty of the rainbow. “Said the girl friend.

Long silence, disappointment written on his face,

They have different views in life…LOL, not a joke but a story from my friend.