Stay at home moms, build your own pink mood

What is the something sweet? For example, I will buy some fresh flowers, ruby tulips, and make a pretty bouquet give her as a surprised present for no reasons. Just to tell her: “You are a good girl, I love you so much.”

A lot of my friends are stay at home moms, I heard enough about they complain a lot about time is always not enough, every is busy but feel nothing is done, helpless and meaningless in life etc…I understand the feeling, we start to do those forever can’t finished house work from the time wake up, cooking, washing, cleaning…End of the day, some husband not even appreciate what you have done during the day, children may make you angry, mother-in-laws or sister-in-laws may pick up some little matters to quarrel with you…I understand that terrible feelings when you about to sleep on the bed, recall what you have been doing for whole day, you will ask yourself, is this my every day life? Is this the meaning of my life?
Sounds familiar?
I am not a stay at home mom, I am working for a full time job. But I really understand what you complain about, my friends. Here are some of my personal tips I would like to share with you.
I call it build a pink mood for yourself. What is pink mood? Pink color is sweet, pink color is romantic, pink color is young. Yes, that’s all, build your own pink mood, stay young, be romantic, be sweet.
Be young. Although all the cosmetic does help in look old. But still exercise is the best. If you're feeling antsy, go for a walk or a jog. Exercise will keep you healthy, It also help you clear your mind and relax when you're feeling overwhelmed. Exercise is different from doing housework, a lot of my friends they exercise enough in the housework. No, that is not exercise, exercise means you relax your mind, relax your body. You can choose outdoor or indoor exercise, keep an hour a day for yourself, just for yourself and treat your body good.
Be romantic. Create some surprise for your partner, for your kids, for the family. A bunch of wild flowers will light up a small space too. A pretty ribbon bow can add a feel to the curtain…romance is everywhere, you just need to look around and give yourself and family some surprise, some cheerful mood, something new in our daily life. My friend says she is so busy from morning till night, where to find the mood to be romantic. You need not to do all the house work at one time. Plan a timetable for house work, you need to be focused in certain time range for certain work, and free yourself at the rest of the day.
Be sweet. No one likes to be nagged for whole day. Remember what we hate most in our childhood time? We didn’t like our parents nagging to us, right? Same rule apply to our kids and spouse. Nagging makes us feel bad about ourselves. We really don't want to be bad-tempered badgering person. We will look old and ugly when we are that way. Most of the time, nagging doesn't work, we must find more effective ways to communicate with our spouse and kids. Why we, moms like to nag, because we expect too much on our kids and husband, we expect kids will be as good as we wanted, they will do the homework once back home instead playing computer game, we expect husband will help in washing the dish after the dinner…When they don’t do whatever things as we expected, we start to feel disappointed, and start to nag…I don’t feel that is a good way, for me I will say some sweet words to my daughter,  most of the time she will be very happy to help me in house work. So I will have more free time to think of something sweet to make her more happy.
ow about you, I am sure some of you who are reading this post, are stay at home moms too. Do you have a happy pink mood?
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Life is amazing

A photo of tree trunk was taken in a sunshine winter afternoon.

Six Words Saturday No3

“if you feel lonely, you will.”

Who are you thinking of

The Sepia Scenes for today.

Watery Wednesday No4-Water Fountain

Its peaceful to sit by this small pond, listen to the cascading water sounds and contemplate life.

ABC Wednesday-F for Follow

dancing_animation F for follow.
The action of follow do play a very important part in marriage life.
Follow your feeling, (your own very true feeling), follow your love, but not others before you say “I do.”
Follow your partner’s feeling, learn to give in to each other after you say “I do.”
Follow the music to dance together in life. It need a lot of practice to become the best couple of dancers in any competition. Same rule plays in any marriage life.
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Yellow Mellow Monday-Lonely Bird

Pretty yellow bird, lonely bird !

Lonely bird, lost his way to back home, run into my camera…Lonely bird, is he home sick or love sick, will you know? Lonely bird, who can cheer you up?

Color Carnival-Orchid flowers

I am new to Color Carnival...but I think I am going to like it, so this is my second entry.. I want to share with all of you a big pot full of colorful orchid flowers, happy weekend and wish your life are so colorful and wonderful.

Six words of my life No2

Swim in a fish tank happily

Who are you waiting for

I edited this photo for my friend, the Sepia Scenes for today. Added a bit of pink to light up the color. “Who are you waiting for? ” This title was given for this photograph. Wish you like it and leave your comments here. Cheers.

ABC Wednesday-E for Everlasting

A perfect marriage is A+B+C+D=E! A for Attraction; B for Beloved; C for Care; D for Destine;E for Everlasting! Everlasting is for love, not only for the marriage certificate.



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Watery Wednesday No 03-Quiet moment

This, right now, is the quiet moment that I enjoyed a lot…This is a really good place to relax your mind in the late afternoon. For all you local Singaporean, just in case you don’t know, the photo showed the place is The Lower Peirce Reservoir which is located on the upper Thomson road. This is a good jogging place. It's serene, quiet , and breath taking. The place helps me relax my mind, put all the pressure in life at one side, think carefully where my priorities are and my energy should be focused !

Thanks for reading my post. I wish you enjoy the quiet moment in the photo too. To see more great places with the lovely water, visit the Watery Wednesday here.

Chinese wedding culture adores red

Chinese culture adore red so much. That's why Chinese fancy red color on wedding days or other happy occasions. 

In traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the bridegroom tie a big red flower made from red clothes, and the bride will use one piece of red clothes cover her head, these red clothes not only bring joyous to the wedding, but also indicate the couples will have a bright future and a happy life.
Now, many young Chinese couples like to wear western white wedding dresses and suit, but this Chinese old tradition has not changed at all, many packing material used in the wedding are still in red color, and one of the dresses to change during the wedding dinner will still be red. 
1 My friend who stays in USA for many years, her wedding dinner was held in China, she was wearing a pretty red Qipao, but the husband was wearing a suit instead of Chinese Cheongsam, they have a pretty pink and white bridal wedding bouquet, matching pink rose corsage for the bridegroom. that is a very fun way of culture mixing, both Eastern and Western style. 
I am wondering how are the Chinese American having the wedding dinner or wedding party in USA. Thank you for reading if you did attend any Chinese wedding party, I will appreciate your comments. For more lucky red, you will find in the Ruby Tuesday lists.

China visitors get unfriendly welcome from Singaporean?

My friend forwarded me the below post from Straits Times, called me to ask if it is true because she is coming to Singapore for a short holiday next month.
For quite a long time, I stay in my silent, I just don’t know what and how should I say about this.
I am a Chinese lady who came from China too, married to Singaporean for 16 years till now. I understand the feeling of being called “ XiaoLongNu”, I got married at about the time when the “XiaoLongNu” whom is a China lady filed for divorce with Singaporean husband and asked for a lot of money, she was on the first page of newspaper news almost every day during the time. I still remember well how my sister-in-law despise the “XiaoLongNu” behavior and said she won’t ask for money if she divorce the husband one day, but in these 16 years, she divorced her 2nd husband and went to high court to fight for money many time…Every family have their own problem, every marriage have their own ups and downs, if there is an end of an marriage, a lot of ladies will ask for money to protect themselves, money is the only thing they think they can fight for and hold on since they are unable to keep the love. This is nothing with what is the nationality of the lady. This is nothing related with you are a “XiaoLongNu” or not. I felt hurt when all my in-laws talking the “XiaoLongNu” topics in that kind of tones in front of me, they were thinking I am one of the “XiaoLongNu” though I already have much higher income than my husband at that time. I felt hurt. The feeling of being hurt and the feeling of loneliness with the home sick almost destroy my life and my marriage. Thanks God to give me the strength to go through the hardest time in my life.
Since then I try not to tell people I was from China, I can easily make friends with people from USA, Australia those western country, they know I am from China though I am holding a Singapore passport now. But I just can’t get along well with our lovely Singaporean, there is a wall with no bricks in between me and Singaporean. For so many years there are seldom people out side my family know that I am from China, I am a China lady whom married to Singaporean. I don’t want to have the feeling of being hurt.
But this is not actually what I want to say in this post.
I want to say I feel shame being a China lady here in Singapore. For so many years in Singapore, I don’t make friends with any China ladies either.
My daughter only knows I was from China at her 12 years old, last year. I feel shame being a Chinese who is from China. I feel shame of what my dear China people inconsiderate and unmannerly behavior in public. We can’t blame the reactions of some Singaporeans towards the relatives and friends of David. Such reactions will continue for the years to come unless we, as the immigrants make attempts to change our image. We are all seeking for respect from others but we must first respect others. Since we come to Singapore for whatever reasons we stay here, make a living here, we must change our own self to merge into local culture.
Yes, a lot of Singaporeans are frustrated with the large numbers of mainlanders here. Here is a comment just below David’s post,

China Girls' only interest is in old man CPF.
They don’t need to study English..they know only " Want or not" "Money or no money"

That is most of the Singaporean have in mind. China ladies are known to steal husbands, cheating old people money. But I really want to tell our clever and lovely Singaporean: If there is no need then no supply. This is a rule for everything in life.
  1. If there is no Singaporean who are looking for “chicks”, I bet those ladies in Geylang will be jobless and go back to their country.
  2. If there is no married Singaporean who are looking for the China ladies, provide them all the best but don’t care much of the wife and kids, how can those China chicks dress well and talk loudly in public?
  3. If there is no old Singaporean who are willing to give all the CPF money to those China lady, don’t tell me they dare to rob you in Singapore? Old uncles, if you are old enough at 60+ and yet still looking for those 20+ 30+ who can be your daughter and even grand daughter, don’t tell me you believe they fall in love with you but not your money. When you take out all the CPF saving to give to those ladies, actually you know clearly enough that you are taking a gamble in life. Just you don’t want to believe you are not the winner.
  4. If don’t have those Singaporean who love money so much and are willing to get paid, where are the “false husband” from, where are the “false marriage” from, where are the “false owners of body massage shop” from?
  5. If Singapore government can come out more strict law to prevent those China lady to make a living as a “chick” here…
I know, I know there are many many “if” exit among the Singaporean and the China people who are working here, living here, travel to here, that is why we read the post from David as below.
My dear China ladies, if you can love yourself more than money, if you can respect yourself more than respect money…My dear China people, if you can change yourself a bit to be more like Singaporean, or “going to be Singaporean” …
All these need two hand to crap, and I wish I could say I am from China proudly in Singapore in not too long future.
David post attached below:
China visitors get unfriendly welcome from Singaporeans

But on their first day in Singapore, they were "greeted" with unfriendly remarks. One passer-by offered assistance with directions, but on learning that they were here to attend our wedding, asked if they knew that my wife would be known locally as "xiaolongnu" (or "little dragon girl"). The phrase, as I understand it, is commonly used to describe, with negative connotation, mainland Chinese girls married to Singaporean men.
The middle-aged man went on to ask if my friends intended to "work" here. You can only imagine how taken aback I was when my friends inquired the meaning of the phrase.
Over the next few days, while taking them around the city, I had the opportunity to experience first-hand how they felt. I was probably mistaken for a non-Singaporean, as for the first time in my country, I was treated by some waitresses and taxi drivers with uncalled-for rudeness clearly directed at foreigners.

As a Singaporean, I have always taken pride in our achievements: Changi Airport, the Singapore Flyer and the upcoming integrated resorts, just to name a few. The tourism industry attracts visitors from all over the world, eager to experience our culture. But how ever hard we may try to improve our tourist attractions, it is often the interaction with Singaporeans that matters.
What my friends experienced may be isolated or could represent a more serious issue. The impact on our tourism industry could be significant, though hard to quantify. It may take years for some of us to realise how the world, and in particular China, has progressed over the past two decades. We may be successful in many ways, but there is a bigger world out there and arrogance will never take us far.
David Lai
birds Yellow is happy and blue is sad. This is my Blue Monday after writing this post…


Live each day with joy in the journey…
no matter what road the journey takes you down.
RIMG0008 So this Color Carnival is the joy I want to share with all of you.
Happy Monday! Sometime, I feel very down mood, I can’t really happily merge into this beautiful country. I feel like

trapped in a fish tank, I look forward to swim back to the ocean. Thanks to Grace, I know, actually why should care if it is a fish tank or ocean, like those turtles, they are happy in the water in the fish tank, they may not so happy in the ocean…
So enjoy the beauty of life while we can.


What is your reaction? If you saw this in a crowded MRT train with a lot of standing passengers? My friend said make his blood boll.

I sometime experience such situation, for one Sunday, saw one man with the son were sitting in the MRT like this, and there is a old lady beside them, quite old lady standing beside them, I quietly told the father, “could you please give the seat to this aunty? ” Guess what he said?

He answered me: “Is she your grandmother? Why you bring her out sign she is so old liao, take taxi lar. “ I was just about to say back something, but the son, who is about 10-11 years old, stood up and gave his seat to the old lady…The father was staring at me…

Singaporean? This is ugly Scenic Sunday in my life.

ABC Wednesday-D for Doll

I know I am late to join ABC Wednesday , but i though it is fun to join this letter playing.
This week, D is for Doll, old doll. Some of the dolls in the photos above have been companying me for more than 30 years, with all my tears and saliva of my childhood memories. I don’t know if there is some married woman like me still keeping all these old stuff, I often see many clothes and personal belongings have been thrown away at the comer in every HDB block, Singaporean like to get rid off old stuffs, (old staffs?) are fast in changing jobs, houses, boy friends, girl friends, maybe husband and wife too in future.
And me, still like a silly girl insists to keep all these old stuffs with old memories, in my old dream.
Thank you for listening. Click here and you can find more interesting stories rather than my old dolls story.

What do you need most

Have you ever think of this question: What do you need most in life? A lot of money? A very rich husband? A very caring and romantic life partner? A very successful career? What you actually need most in life?

For this question in mind, I came to take this quiz, here is my result:

Not really right. Try yours for fun.

You Need Expression

You're the type of person who has a lot to express, and you need many outlets.
You love to create - whether you're writing a novel or just putting together an amazing outfit.

You are a deep thinker. You understand the world well, and you are in touch with your emotions.
And you don't like to keep your insights to yourself. You love sharing what you know with the world, even if it's in a very abstract way.

What Do You Need Most?

Watery Wednesday No02-Trapped in a fish tank

What to post in this blog? When I first start this blog, I though of writing some stories of people from other countries who married to Singaporean, settle down in this country…

But my time is occupied by work, house work and kid…Yes, I know a lot of stories of them, some are happy ending but some are not. It is not easy being a outsider to make a living here. So I post up these two photos for Watery Wednesday, they were taken quite a few months ago…Trapped in a fish tank, well, this is life.

National Day’s Sky

Colorful flags are decoration our country everywhere to celebrate Singapore national’s day…Enjoy this wonderful sky watch through out windows in my study room. But why I am not really exciting when the national day's song sung...It is sad that I still can't find the feeling towards this country after 16 years...

Six Words For My Life

Interesting play, describe life (or something) in a phrase using just six words…So this is mine: “Trapped in a pretty fish tank” What is yours?

Lemon wedding theme

I like this lovely Lemon wedding theme, in bright yellow lemon colour. Why flowers? Wedding decoration can be anything…

Watery Wednesday No1-Underwater world

This is my first post for Watery Wednesday. You may ask what is Watery Wednesday? Just post one photo of your shot related to water on Wednesday on your blog…
Photo was taken at Underwater world in Sentosa island, Singapore
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