Marriage Life Is a Big Jigsaw Puzzle

Marriage life won't be a typical fairy tale forever although it may end with a happily ever after.... There are many ups and downs along the way. Most of the time, you will feel like you are trying very hard to manage all the jigsaw pieces, you are trying to form the jigsaw puzzle but just can't find that missing pieces.
When you are single, life is a piece of empty canvas, you are born to be a painter, you can use whatever colour you like to paint the canvas of your life, every single canvas of life is an art work, sure there is someone in this world know to appreciate it. Until one day, you meet your another life partner, you finally decide to go into marriage life. From the day you say "I Do.", there are no more canvas art, only left the jigsaw puzzle, both of you must work hard to match all the jigsaw pieces, and you can't bear to lose any pieces along the way...
Once you get into marriage life, it does mean you have chosen your jigsaw puzzle. You have decided what picture you want. Yeah, you may find some other beautiful pieces in the future, but I can say it is impossible to be fixed into your exiting one, marriage is like the jigsaw puzzle, every one of the jigsaw piece is unique and can't be replaced.
Marriage life is a very demanding life.... it is not just about you alone but your partner, both of your family, the people around you... and much more. They are all your jigsaw pieces, you can't finish you jigsaw puzzle if you have missed any one piece.
There is nothing worse than finding that your puzzle nearly done, The very last piece is missing. You wonder where it's gone.

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