Everyday Lessons In Life

Do you use the everyday things in your life to teach your children?  I do.

Small things such as folding clothes, making coffee, watering plants, sweeping the floor etc are important life lessons for the growing kids. Those small things teach her lessons such as being responsible to the work were given, showing care and love to family...There are many lessons that can be learned through everyday activities.  I believe that the best lessons in life are truly caught, not taught.  Our children catch the things that we are teaching them by our own actions much more than the lessons that we try to preach to them with our words. 

My girl, she always quickly notice when my words don’t match my actions. For example, I ask her to switch off light when not using it but I myself always the one who forget to switch off light and fan. :) I am teaching her to make friends with different people, but I am the one who is quite choosey on friends, I will go silent if I don't like the person, I just can't be the type can easily get any topics to talk with people, I hope she can do something I am unable to do, it is good for her in future society,  But I think it is difficult for her...She doesn't learn much of my good points of my character but pick up a lot of my weak points. It makes me sad.  When I realize all these, she is already 12 years old, I hope it is not too late to give her some good example.

So, be aware of your actions and be thoughtful and mindful of the lesson that your children are catching from you as you do every day.  Maybe you’ll be more careful now as you realize the impact that the actions you show daily can truly impact the lives of your children in both positive and negative ways.

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