Say No To Your Kids

Same as all other mums, I want all the best for my daughter, but truly what is the best?  Giving her every little whim, wish and want that they have, or giving them their basic needs and only some of their wants or wishes?

When your young kid is laid out on the floor bawling over wanting a candy bar in the grocery store, What will you do? We all admit that it would be easy to give in than to say, “no”. However, it really is best to say “No”.  Because you know what will happen the next time around if you give in and say ‘Yes”. This is still a easy handle case, when she is very young, you are easy to say "NO".

When she grows up as a teen age girl, you will have a lot of more difficult time to say "NO".

When she asks for something expensive she may not need it but she wants it just because her friends have it, will you fulfil her wish?

"No."-That is always my answer. But how and what to explain to her the reason you rejected her request?

"I don't have much money, I am not as rich as your friend's mum. " " You always ask me buy so many things, you think I am running a bank? " etc. These are all the answers that a lot of mums like to give the children.

For me, I won't give such lousy reason. I feel there is no good impact for young kids, your words forced them to compare between rich and poor even they don't really understand them, your words make them feel lost too, in their heart they will start to critics you as a parent the ability to provide them all the best in life. I will ask her if she really need it or just because she saw friends have it? I will explain to her why she can't have it, tell her I feel the price is too expensive, I will tell her for the same price we may get more other useful things to use in life...She need to understand the value of a buck and understand that they don’t always get their own way.

When she have planed to go to friend's birthday party. But she doesn't finish her homework as agreed.  Will you tell her she is not allowed to go to the party?

Most of the mums will turn soft hearted when they see the cow tears are flying and it’s breaking a mum's heart to have to ground her from going.  You may change your mind that she could start her punishment after the party. Once you give in to your own softness in heart, I bet you will be very difficult to handle her in future, she will not be responsible to any work she need to finish on time in future.

Am I so hard-hearted?

Will you say "No" to your lovely princess?

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