Chinese wedding culture adores red

Chinese culture adore red so much. That's why Chinese fancy red color on wedding days or other happy occasions. 

In traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the bridegroom tie a big red flower made from red clothes, and the bride will use one piece of red clothes cover her head, these red clothes not only bring joyous to the wedding, but also indicate the couples will have a bright future and a happy life.
Now, many young Chinese couples like to wear western white wedding dresses and suit, but this Chinese old tradition has not changed at all, many packing material used in the wedding are still in red color, and one of the dresses to change during the wedding dinner will still be red. 
1 My friend who stays in USA for many years, her wedding dinner was held in China, she was wearing a pretty red Qipao, but the husband was wearing a suit instead of Chinese Cheongsam, they have a pretty pink and white bridal wedding bouquet, matching pink rose corsage for the bridegroom. that is a very fun way of culture mixing, both Eastern and Western style. 
I am wondering how are the Chinese American having the wedding dinner or wedding party in USA. Thank you for reading if you did attend any Chinese wedding party, I will appreciate your comments. For more lucky red, you will find in the Ruby Tuesday lists.


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Come to the wedding,
be dazzled by red satin
and silk everywhere.

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