ABC Wednesday-D for Doll

I know I am late to join ABC Wednesday , but i though it is fun to join this letter playing.
This week, D is for Doll, old doll. Some of the dolls in the photos above have been companying me for more than 30 years, with all my tears and saliva of my childhood memories. I don’t know if there is some married woman like me still keeping all these old stuff, I often see many clothes and personal belongings have been thrown away at the comer in every HDB block, Singaporean like to get rid off old stuffs, (old staffs?) are fast in changing jobs, houses, boy friends, girl friends, maybe husband and wife too in future.
And me, still like a silly girl insists to keep all these old stuffs with old memories, in my old dream.
Thank you for listening. Click here and you can find more interesting stories rather than my old dolls story.


Roger Owen Green (visit their site)

if there were other dolls, I don't recall. thanks