Watery Wednesday No02-Trapped in a fish tank

What to post in this blog? When I first start this blog, I though of writing some stories of people from other countries who married to Singaporean, settle down in this country…

But my time is occupied by work, house work and kid…Yes, I know a lot of stories of them, some are happy ending but some are not. It is not easy being a outsider to make a living here. So I post up these two photos for Watery Wednesday, they were taken quite a few months ago…Trapped in a fish tank, well, this is life.


Grace (visit their site)

Actually, I like the turtles photo. They are happy in the water. Yes, Like your other post, married life is like a jigsaw puzzle. There is family, work and housework....You have to pace yourself and focus on the neccesities of the daily chores and save the other things on your list for a day off.. one thing at a time. Keep smiling. Enjoy the beauty of life.