ABC Wednesday-Letter K

A kid adds many happiness to a marriage life,
A kiss is the best way to say sorry to your wife,
Jealous like the sharp knife to hurt love die,
Trust is the only key to open closed mind,
Be kind enough to accept some white lie,
If our love like a kite, let it fly.
This week's letter in ABC Wednesday is K. My words for ABC WEDNESDAY are: Kid, Kiss, Knife, Key, Kind, Kite. They are all about “Love”, they are all in our life.
Love in Chinese words is:
Chinese Character "Love" Button
 It means “Home Sweet Home”
So, can you guess what I will write about letter “L” on next week ABC Wednesday? Do remember visit ABC Wednesday this lovely Meme and check out all other posts here.

13 Responses to "ABC Wednesday-Letter K"

RuneE (visit their site)

With four "kids" i can subscribe to that.

Sylvia K (visit their site)

Yes, I have four "kids" too, I can definitely subscribe to that!

Have a great day!


anthonynorth (visit their site)

Lovely words. Oh, and I have 7 kids, mostly grown up now.

Squirrel (visit their site)

Did you write that? It was very kleaver.

Carol (visit their site)

A clever post and great K words also...

jabblog (visit their site)

Lovely - kids, kisses, kindness - all so wonderful for happiness. The Chinese character is so beautiful

Life with Kaishon (visit their site)

I love kids : ) and I love kissing! Sometimes kissing leads to kids : )

Rose (visit their site)

A clever poem, and the Chinese character for love is beautiful! Like Rune and Sylvia, I have four kids, too; they have made my life so much richer.

Tumblewords: (visit their site)

Good K's!!

Leslie: (visit their site)

I'm still into the Kiss is for showing love! Lots of great Ks here.

Roger Owen Green (visit their site)

I'll guess next week will be about klove, I mean love.

Q (visit their site)

A most creative K post!

Grace and Bradley (visit their site)

You most have a very loving family life. I love your translation, much better than "I love my home"