Blue Monday Story

Guess what is it in side the blue package? It is a birthday cake! And I want to share with you a very short story about this birthday cake:

One day, A husband brought back this birthday cake for the wife. He was just back from the oversea trip, he was rush back for his wife’s birthday. So he bought this cake in airport, and asked the cake shop to wrap in romantic blue colors. He couldn’t wait to see his beloved wife. He thought she will be very happy that he could back home for her birthday on time.
When he reached home, the wife open the door, he said: “Happy birthday, my dear.”
“What is this? Cake? My birthday present? Just a cake?” The wife look at the cake while the husband put it down on the table.
“How much you buy? You bought it in the airport, it should be very expensive.” The husband was a bit disappointed, he expected a hug or kiss from the wife since he was away from home for 2 weeks time.
“Aiya, why you buy the cake, it is too sweet, I will get fat. Why did you buy it in the airport, so expensive. Did you buy any bag for me, there are many branded bags in Italy…”
The wife was still talking, complained here and there, she didn’t notice the husband who just took a long distant flight back form Italy, was so disappointed…

Will you act as the wife in the story? Do you have a wife as the one in the story?
Just a short story for our Blue Monday, LOL. Cheers.

6 Responses to "Blue Monday Story"

Cindy (visit their site)

Nice story. I would not act like wife in the story. I am grateful for everything.

Anonymous (visit their site)

Hopefully, I don't ever act like the wife in the story. If I do, someone needs to give me a reality check.

That was a great story!!

gengen (visit their site)

I will never be like that wife since I don't like cakes and not really celebrating birthdays...Happy Blue Monday.

SmilingSally (visit their site)

After two weeks of separation, I would give that man of mine a HUGE hug. I'm wishing you a delightful Blue Monday.

Mary (visit their site)

Your story has a very pointed lesson. Thanks for sharing it with us. I suspect I wouldn't much like that wife. She sounds like a spoiled child. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Shy (visit their site)

Hmm sound like the wife and me had semilarity when it comes to being a complainer but in contrary I wouldn't complain if the husband who just took a long flight just to surprised the wife for a cafe. I think that was a sweet gesture of the husband.