One Single Impression: Fog

A little green frog,
living in a old pond,
jumping from log to log,
waiting for the princess for so long,
the princess, standing on the dock,
alone in the fog,
looking for the lover to bring her along…
She doesn't know the little frog,
the little frog has waited for her so long...
Love is the castle-in-the-fog,
oh, the poor little green frog!

Photo credit: Mr Tan from Taiwan Visit others for this week's prompt, fog.

7 Responses to "One Single Impression: Fog"

April Belle (visit their site)

Oh, that little frog! This had such a whimsical, charming rhythm...

SandyCarlson (visit their site)

I have felt as unlikely a winner as that frog! I enjoyed this music.

Jim (visit their site)

This is wonderful. Makes one wish there was something he could do to blog, or blow, that fog away.
Bit question, do you think they would know what to do if the fog did go away?
I like your rhyme scheme. If ever you are doing some editing you can borrow my dog. :-)

Anonymous (visit their site)

I agree, wish I could huff and puff and blow that fog away!

Happy WW early!!! ;)

Anonymous (visit their site)

i loved the fun rhythm of this poem!

great one!

Ayie (visit their site)

nice little frog but i won't dare photograph coz i'm scared it might jump on to me! haha

happy WW!

gabrielle (visit their site)

a novel view. i like it!