Six Words Saturday No 6

Six words Saturday for this week: “Forgive, forget who have hurt you”

This post also a reply to my dear friend who discussed with me about the topic of forgive and forget. (PS, i know you will read this post. :)
Do we forgive and forget that someone who has hurt us? I believe a lot of people will forgive but never forget.
And some of people may forget who have hurt them and just move on with their life but never care to forgive.
My girl friend still remember she has been betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, actually she forgives him already but she can’t forget the feeling of being hurt, it is a big shadow in her life, even after many years later she happily married to a husband who loves her so much, but she still can’t walk out from the shadow, she always worry being betrayed again, she is not happy at all up to now.
I believe many people have similar experience just can’t forget the matters that they have being hurt, they will probably never forget the person who have hurt them or the things that have hurt them. They are unable to forget so they remember the pain of being hurt…
I know we can't really MAKE ourselves forget anything. But you must forgive the someone who had hurt you, you must forget the hurt in your heart, otherwise, the hurt will concentrate in your heart and hurt you more. You need to choose to forgive and forget the people who hurt you (not for them, but for yourself)...and you will be able to move on with your life.
Believe me, whatever pain it caused, will fade with time....Time has a way to heal things with God’s help. So forgive and forget who have hurt you, forgive your own failure and mistake and forget those days with only grey sky on top of your head, I am sure you will be happier.

14 Responses to "Six Words Saturday No 6"

Magical Mystical Teacher (visit their site)

Forgive and forget—
it’s the journey toward healing
each of us must take.

My Six Words

quilly (visit their site)

My thoughts on this -- although I am claiming no expertise: Forgiving is crucial to one's own healing. It should be done regardless. Forgetting on the other hand only applies to true repentance -- according to the Bible, to be forgiven man must repent and mean it. Therefore, we are required to forgive only in the face of true repentance.

Bridgette (visit their site)

Great 6 words!

Linda (visit their site)

Yes, you need to forget them, possibly by not knowing what they are doing, staying away.

Jim (visit their site)

It was very hard
for me to do -- I forgave
but I can't forget.
Life made an unhappy soul
free now she's happy once more.

Dr.John (visit their site)

It is in forging pain stops

Betty (visit their site)

Very very good post! So true. I have many things my mother did to me, that hurt me deeply, but I have forgiven her and am trying to forget. I know it´s hard, but I agree with you, that it must be done, in order to heal the heart.
Thanks for this post!

Call Me Cate (visit their site)

Nice use of your six words! Tough one for me. I typed out a whole long response and then realized I wasn't even sure what I'm saying. Forgiveness is good. Forgetting has its place. Thanks for playing 6WS.

Gretta (visit their site)

Wow, that one hit me in the stomach! I really struggle with doing that for certain people. Great encouragement to start my morning. Thanks for sharing.

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics (visit their site)

Easier said than done. I choose to forget and move on...not worth spending any more of my time and energy on past hurts.

mellisarock (visit their site)

Great 6 words.

Becca (visit their site)

What an important 6 words. Forgiveness is so important for isn't good to carry anger around. But I think we learn from everything and shouldn't forget our life experiences :)

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ (visit their site)

☼¨`*•.♥GREAT 6 WORDS♥.•*¨`☼

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ (visit their site)

Forgiveness doesn't change your past, but will absolutely Empower Your Future ✯