One Single Impression: Conquer

Lianas in the rainforest, the meaning of life is to survive, to grow up to the sky, to achieve the sunlight as much as it can, to conquer the world in the rainforest. These small green plants are survivors or conquerors? Find more poems at One Single Impression "Conquer" as prompt was suggested by Neha Sahi Saigal of Tea Leaves 'n' Honey

11 Responses to "One Single Impression: Conquer"

gautami tripathy (visit their site)

Truly wonderful way of putting it!

what has time got to do with blood?

anthonynorth (visit their site)

Great pic excellently described.

Loch Rob (visit their site)

Quite a metaphor to life in general. Nicely done.

Anonymous (visit their site)

what a beautiful poetry!!

the picture is breathtaking too..

Sweetest in the Gale (visit their site)

Your photos brought great impact to your wonderful words. Lovely post!

SandyCarlson (visit their site)

Conquer, as in seeking together, is what life is about. Beautiful work.

Andree (visit their site)

I love the analogy of life and liana vines. And the photos are wonderful, too!

Tumblewords: (visit their site)

Exquisite! Exquisite!

Dr.John (visit their site)

Great picture. Great plant.

Amity Me (visit their site)

great survivors...

we, too, must be like those plants, grow and survive, amidst any storms in life...:)

Tammie Lee (visit their site)

the survivors have conquered.
wonderful photo!