One Single Impression: Elusive

I am always chasing the dream,
the elusive dream.
Just like I am always chasing the shadow,
the elusive shadow in the rainforest.
The shadow is something ineffable,
you will feel it but you never ever can catch it.
Who can ever catch the shadow in the rainforest?
The elusive shadow,
it exits but then escapes,
It is within reach but not within grasp.
My love in my elusive dream,
it is a pretty shadow when sun shines on it,
but I never ever can catch it.
it is easier to just let go,
or appreciate the beauty from far when it exits.
Chasing my elusive dream,
that seem like keeping the shadow in the darkness,
Tired of knowing the impossibility,
wondering the shadow where they belong.
Trying so hard to keep my dreams alive,
lost in the juggle ,
I am not the big tree,
either the lianas,
I am fighting so hard to survive.
Chasing the shadow of my love,
they are always coming closer and closer,
but never I can hold them in hand,
not even in my elusive dream.
Feeling the pain and trying to make sense,
where the shadow should go,
I lost in the promise I have never believed,
Struggling to make my elusive dream alive.

6 Responses to "One Single Impression: Elusive"

Anonymous (visit their site)

i relate at so many levels!!

great job..

SandyCarlson (visit their site)

I can relate, too. We sometimes go far only to come back empty and empty-handed.

Jim (visit their site)

Did you ever try to chase your own shadow? You can do that and even catch it if you hurry. But you will always have your back to the sun.

This is a nice one, and yes, you have found some very illusive shadows. Especially when they are in the dark. :-)

Anonymous (visit their site)

This seemed so sad, and then it made me think that if there are shadows, then the sun has to be there somewhere, and that was comforting! Good one to make a person think.

Patois (visit their site)

Sometimes it is such a struggle. Nicely done.

Tammie Lee (visit their site)

Sounds a bit like chasing a rainbow~
Well done.