Waiting in vain

What do you see in life? This is a new meme. You will see a lot of pretty and lovely aquarium fish, she appreciates and captures all the joys and beauty in life.
Life as I see it…? Life as I see it? Lovely turtle happily swim in a fish tank. So it is happy yet it is sad. Because the fish tank is not the home the turtle should belong to.
Life as I see it-Waiting in vain.

3 Responses to "Waiting in vain"

PERBS (visit their site)

I love the bench in your post! I collect bench photos and have two blog full of them and more to post daily almost. At least the waiting can be done on a lovely sturdy bench!

quilly (visit their site)

Are you waiting in vain for a bus that never comes? Or a future that isn't happening? If you're waiting on the future, stop waiting. Go and get it!

Pacey (visit their site)

Oh, who's the owner? are you? Beautiful shot. I'm up too.