ABC Wednesday-R for Respect

The wife of opposition politician Tan Lead Shake has been sentenced to a total of 16 years in jail

You can find the headline on almost evry forum and media, Channel News Asia,,, even our STRAITS TIMES HEAD LINE IS Tan's wife gets 16 years…
All news point to the words opposition politician, that is very funny, does all the Singapore media copy the news from each other? So many reporters, does any one write something new on the murder case, or does any one really care to study the case further, why why why, the lady Wu Yun Yun will kill the brother-in-law?? That is not a simple thing for a person to kill another person. Every one in the family play a very important part in this sad family story.

In one word-Respect! ABC Wednesday, R for respect.

Every one said it was jealousy that drove Wu Yun Yun to stab her 34-year-old brother-in-law to death and to slash his wife. Yes, jealousy is one part of the reasons, but mainly, she doesn’t respect herself, she married to a man she didn’t know well in the arrangement of the father, she doesn’t respect herself, as a human, she has the right to choose the husband, again, when she was so so so unhappy with the marriage, she still had choice to break the unhappy marriage, she is still young and quite pretty looking, she has chances to rebuild a happy family with someone else, she didn’t respect her own right rather than stay on in the terrible relationship with the whole family which she can’t get along with. The worse thing is she doesn’t respect life! Our life are given by God, how can we simply want to take away other people’s life or our own life.
As a mother-in-law, She can don’t love the daughter-in-law, she can don’t care about her, she can don’t talk to her, she can even chase her out from the house if the house is hers, but she has no right to scold a person so much…According to the report, the Wuyunyun did get scold from her, right? Wu Yun Yun is a woman, an adult, a human, the wife of his own son, she need the respect in life. Outside the courtroom, Madam Ng Bee Hion wailed that the sentence was too light for a crime that cost her a son. I am sorry to say that if she knows how to handle the family problems, the family will be a happy family now. But it is too late, I feel sad for her, for the whole situation.
I don’t know how to say about another sad lady in the story, Madam Huang Meizhe, she came from China too, if she pay a little bit attention to WuYunyun, and being a good listener, or try to do something to resolve the bad relationship among the family members, she will be a happy wife now.
The person most reserved to blame in this family sad story is the husband. If he does respect and give more love and care to the wife, move out from the big family to start their life, simple life as husband and wife and kids only…I believe the store will be different. If a man can’t provide all these basic needs to a lady, he shouldn’t get into marriage. It doesn’t matter he belongs to what side of politic party, opposition politician or PAP, as a man, they are all same, they are someone’s son, they are someone’s brother, they maybe someone’s husband, some kids’ father, a man, he doesn’t even able to settle his own family problems, how is he going to lead the country.
I just don’t understand Chinese culture, why mother-in-law, sister-in-law etc so many in laws like to stay together when every one is not happy with each other. They are fighting for all the small matters in life all due to different life style of their own. Why they can’t respect each other and just stay away if can’t stand each other, rather than allow this kind of sad family affairs happen. And I believe there are many many more ladies like Wu Yun Yun in Singapore, those who married to Singaporean, if no one will learn something from this sad news, I bet it will happen somewhere, someday again in not too long future.
Basically I don’t think Wu Yun Yun is a very bad person, and she has paid for what she has done, 16 years in jail, the life has gone for a lady. I don’t think she will hurt some other people again, Whoever died already died, just forgive her. Will the family forgive her?
Does our media have the responsibility to teach our Singaporean learn something from the case?
Respect others, be kind to others, give more space to each other life as we Singaporean have many different culture, then our life will be more peaceful, we will be happier. This is what I see in life.
PS, the news forward as below:
THE China-born wife of former opposition figure Tan Lead Shake was jailed 16 years for killing her brother-in-law and attempting to kill his wife on Tuesday.
Wu Yunyun, 27, looked dazed as the sentence was handed down.
Her mother-in-law broke out into loud sobs in the court's public gallery. Later, outside the courtroom, Madam Ng Bee Hion wailed that the sentence was too light for a crime that cost her a son.
Mr Tan, 40, who had visited his wife only once in her 11/2 years in remand, was not in court.
He was at his Paya Lebar home on Tuesday evening, looking after their two children. He politely declined to be interviewed, saying it was too painful to talk about the incident.
His wife was sentenced to 12 years' jail for killing Mr Tan's brother Lead Sane, 33, and four years for the attempted manslaughter of Mr Tan Lead Sane's wife, Madam Huang Meizhe, 36, who is also from China.
Read the full story in Wednesday's edition of The Straits Times.

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Dragonstar (visit their site)

What a tragic story. So much suffering and so little Respect as you say.

On behalf of the Team, thanks for your post.

Tumblewords: (visit their site)

So many sad events in the world. Sometimes it feels we haven't really advanced.

Roger Owen Green (visit their site)

very sad.