Beyond The Lonely Tree

ABC Wednesday, My “B’ is a poem start with “B”,

and a photo for SkyWatch On Friday.

Beyond the lonely tree ,
My loneliness is flying free…

An voice from beyond,
Saying dear you are not alone,
Love is everywhere.
But why I only see the lonely tree?

Beyond the lonely tree ,
Sunset sky is so pretty,
Which the love should be.
But why my eyes can’t see ?

Beyond the lonely tree,
Loneliness is the feeling-
Come and go quickly in the wind.

Beyond the lonely tree,
Someday you just missed me

12 Responses to "Beyond The Lonely Tree"

Annelie (visit their site)

A wonderful poem and a beatiful picture, what a treat for my mind and my eyes.... Thank you!

Annelie E, ABC Wednesday team

Leo (visit their site)

your B could stand for Beyond too.. and its a beautiful poem n picture! :)

Roger Owen Green (visit their site)

Very nice combo of picture and poem.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

ChrisJ (visit their site)

Caught my eye immediately because I have painted (I'm not professional) a couple of pictures of a lonely tree and one with two trees. There is something very moving for me to see one tree in a wide open space. Your poem caught the moment.

Jingle (visit their site)

lovely image,
loneliness is a beautiful sentiments in some degree.

chubskulit (visit their site)

Beautiful sky shot!

My Skywatch

stan (visit their site)

tt's an unusual uncluttered look in the Singapore landscape. nice poem!

J Bar (visit their site)

Great shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

LadyFi (visit their site)

Wow - what a stunning shot of light and tree.

Manang Kim (visit their site)

Oh my goodness this is just awesome!


Purnima@a creative project (visit their site)

Lovely capture with wonderful lines !!!

Halie (visit their site)

what a lovely poem. I love the capture and a refreshing entry for ABC Wednesday.

ABC Wednesday Team