One single impression: Joie de vivre

One single impression this week's prompt“Joie de vivre” suggested by Leo, “Joie de vivre” (from the French joie, "joy"; de, "of"; vivre, "living"; "the joy of living").

Visit the poem by Leo and other wonderful poems and haiku at One Single Impression, click the link from my side bar, I like this meme, reading the posts is one of my weekend’s joys.

So enjoy the joy of living now, this is one of my photograph captured in an early morning a few days ago.

One single impression: Joie de vivre

Morning dew, sunshine,
Grasshopper dancing in the wind
Appreciate the beauty of nature
Peace in mind, Joie de vivre 

13 Responses to "One single impression: Joie de vivre"

Linda Jacobs (visit their site)

What an exquisite photo! And your words complement it so well!

Ramesh Sood (visit their site)

This is simply so joyous.. beautiful..

Harshad mehta (visit their site)

"Peace in mind, Joie de vivre "

Yes. Picture radiate spirit of words.

Greyscale Territory (visit their site)

Beautiful shine on the wet leaves highlighting the grasshopper! And an uplifting poem!

Anonymous (visit their site)

How wonderful happiness this provides. Thank you ! Please have a good new week.

daily athens

Sweetest in the Gale (visit their site)

I love the visual of a grasshopper "dancing in the wind"...and the photo is gorgeous!

gautami tripathy (visit their site)

Wonderful photo and awesome verse!

about fish, chips, nothing much else

And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

Anonymous (visit their site)

That is so pretty.. :)

J Bar (visit their site)

What a great nature shot.

Rajesh (visit their site)

Very beautiful shot.

Patti (visit their site)

Yes- pure joy- even the grasshoppers dance! Love it!

ms pie (visit their site)

the foto has such a clean crisp reach out and touch sorta feel.. i wanna say hello.... the beauty of nature... yesssss.... inamorata

michael bird (visit their site)

Another super photo. Bravo, again!