One single impression: the passing

The flowers are dying
The man said
With tears in his eyes
Wilted flowers reminded him
The passing of the beloved wife
She was dead when the newborn baby cried

More new blooms start
The daughter said
Wilted flowers reminded her
The passing of the dearest mom
In peaceful heaven she is now
Thanks god we are alive and know to treasure the life

if you see the dead end

why don’t you treasure the life

11 Responses to "One single impression: the passing"

The Dark Lord (visit their site)

A wonderful message that you convey through poetry.. Very wise words.

SandyCarlson (visit their site)

So very sad. A reminder, though, that life is fleeting. Thank you.

Ramesh Sood (visit their site)

Its a good take on the prompt..yes..we must trreasure life and trust me we do.. or we won't be here sharing..

twitches (visit their site)

if you see the dead end why don’t you treasure the life

Good point. A lovely poem.

Anonymous (visit their site)

A deep bow in respect of this entry! Please have a good Monday.

daily athens

Sweetest in the Gale (visit their site)

How beautiful your poem ending and a beginning. Wonderful...

gautami tripathy (visit their site)

Deep and powerful!

I watch while the mountains crumble

Amity (visit their site)

so poignant dear, but helps us get through with reminiscing our loved ones who went ahead!

and to treasure this precious life!

Patti (visit their site)

That is beautifully sad- well done- sometimes you have to see Life from another perspective don't you?

WarmSunshine (visit their site)

this one, my dear, runs deep!

Jim (visit their site)

Very beautifully written, M.T.S. In a way having a reminder that comes before us is very tough to handle.

For sure we can't rid the earth of dying flowers. :)