One single impress: try

One single impression: try

I try to believe you will be back
Though waiting in vain
I try my best to love
Though love ends up with hurt

I try very hard to remain the person
I suppose to be but most of the time I failed
I try to be honest
when the world is full of lies
But no one would like to hear my scream

I try to catch the shadow in my dreams
But I only take our the camera in reality
There is always a gab between try and not trying
It is up to you to choose

With all my hesitation and expectation in life
I try to live
as who I am

I try to remember the colors of rainbow
When my sky is dark grey storm is coming
I try my best to learn dancing in the rain
While waiting for the sun shine again

6 Responses to "One single impress: try"

Amity (visit their site)

so many ways we try, i now believe that everything in life is coupled with the essence of trying, and trying...:)

til we get disappointed, and realize later that if we sit back and relax, the effort is simply useless...

but they say, try and try until we succeed...:)

great verses here... :)

gautami tripathy (visit their site)

It is sad. But we have get on with life. And time does heal...

bring on the cawing

Patti (visit their site)

I thought your poem was beautiful and the last stanza just rings with truth! Lovely job!

Ramesh Sood (visit their site)

I am sure that you do get to remember the colours of rainbow.. and that is what really matters.. lovely poem..this!

Harshad mehta (visit their site)

Very positive. And that is what matters.

Excellent work.

Anonymous (visit their site)

Once I waited during winter four hours to get a glimpse of "her", finally feet went blue and I went home ... and yes, your writing is so true when it comes to life.

Please have a good new week.

daily athens