Autumn leaves- weekend reflections #16

Another photo was taken in Germany, I love the yellow beautiful autumn color.

Falling in love
With autumn leaves
They have the smell of home

9 Responses to "Autumn leaves- weekend reflections #16"

James (visit their site)

Wonderful shot! I love the way the reflection is surrounded by the Fall leaves.

Sylvia K (visit their site)

Lovely, leaf-framed reflection! I love it! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


Marie (visit their site)

A very creative post. Love it!

'Tsuki (visit their site)

This is such a lovely shot... And the words you chose to present it are so poetical... Very nice indeed !

Malyss (visit their site)

Nostalgic and so romantic shot!

Kim, USA (visit their site)

Love autumn foliage it makes me smile to see those colorful leaves. Great shot!
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Clytie (visit their site)

I love reflections in puddles. Especially like this one, surrounded by Autumn beauty.

Gine (visit their site)

Encore une flaque - mais très poétique ! C'est beau !

Andy (visit their site)

I feel like I could jump into the reflection and end up in another world.