Rainbow - weekend reflectionS #14

A guy was walking with the girl friend along the street, they are talking about the rainbow.

“What kind of wishes will you make when you see the rainbow?” The guy asked.

“I will quickly take out my camera…and I wish I could have a better camera to capture the beauty of the rainbow. “Said the girl friend.

Long silence, disappointment written on his face,

They have different views in life…LOL, not a joke but a story from my friend.

4 Responses to "Rainbow - weekend reflectionS #14"

Greensboro Daily Photo (visit their site)

Rainbows are a universal language! So beautiful framing the city!

michael bird (visit their site)

Such a practical young lady. Of course, the young man missed his opportunity to whisk her off to a camera store and get her just such a camera. And then... Bravo on the 'joke' and the photo.

Elisa (visit their site)

Well done, great capture :)
Have a nice week end

'Tsuki (visit their site)

Lovely : how to embellish a city without creating new construction... And the effect is so...

Very nice sharing indeed.