Blue sky - weekend reflections #18

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Sylvia K (visit their site)

Gorgeous capture! Such beautiful skies and a perfect reflection! Love it! Enjoy your weekend!!


'Tsuki (visit their site)

Nice shot... This puddle looks so lovely, with this cloudy sky reflecting at its surface...

Gine (visit their site)

J'aime bien les feuilles qui se prennent pour des bateaux entre les nuages ! Po├ętique ...

Serendipity (visit their site)

That's beautiful! Great shot :-)

Anonymous (visit their site)

Cool shot - nice sky, too!

Hooked on Memes (visit their site)

Great shot! Even a puddle can be a canvas for something so beautiful.

DeLi (visit their site)

fascinating....they provide various scupltures of forms to start imagination with

SandyCarlson (visit their site)

Very beautiful.

Your prompt, win, is up at OSI this Sunday. Please send your poem to us by Saturday so we can post it to the home page.

Anonymous (visit their site)

I like This!