Christmas blue

Blue is my most favorite color, it is cool, but sometime can be a bit sad, right?

Anyway I am sharing some of my favorites "Blue" here with Midweek Blues here, continued from my previous post: Christmas month 2010 at Orchard road. Wishing all of  you have a very happy Christmas Month of December.

7 Responses to "Christmas blue"

jeannette (visit their site)

To me, blue is always cheerful, sometimes mysterious:)
Wow, gorgeous Christmas decorations!

EG Wow (visit their site)

Yes, I think many shades of blue feel cool and sad but as Christmas lights they are bright and cheerful.

Rebecca (visit their site)

How beautiful. I would love to see blue used more often for Christmas decor. It looks sooooo pretty!

Dianne (visit their site)

I really love the first shot
you took it from a great angle :)

Coneflower Ranch (visit their site)

Such crisp and clear night shots, love the blue!

SouthernSass (visit their site)

Very nice blue lights - they are cheery during the Christmas season!

Eden (visit their site)

I love blue. Beautiful Christmas photos.