One single impression : win

My dear baby
Yes, I would like to see you win
Take home the big prize,
With the best result in the class
Which parent don’t like to see their kid win
Medals, honors and scholarships are always great
But my dear baby
Someone win some other lose
That is the rule in every competition
There is success there is failure
Yes my dear baby
I want you always win
Even when you lose
I want you
Overcome the fear of failure
Overcome the fear of being rejected
Win or lose
I am proud of you
Trying your best in participating the exam
And being you
------P.S: This poem was written for my dear daughter, after the PSLE (the Primary School Leaving Examination) result released, she was in a low mood for a few days, as just a 3 marks lower than the last year cut off point, she may not have chance to go into NJC, so called one of the best top five secondary schools in Singapore…She felt so sad and I just can’t help much, maybe I have given her too much pressure in the past few years, that is why she is so not satisfied of her such a good result (yeas to me, to a lot of other children and parents, her result is really really more than good enough)…Is there any problem in our education system?

I wish I could cheer her up and God bless for her dream come true… 

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6 Responses to "One single impression : win"

Ramesh Sood (visit their site)

Well I pray that she feels a lot better and like a winner..and why not.. destiny has something better instore for her.. that's for sure..

Tumblewords: (visit their site)

I think we are all winners, just not in the same game...nice post!

The Write Girl (visit their site)

This is a beautiful poem...I see where your inspiration comes from. I hope your daughter feels better too. She gave her best. I remember school and the pressure to do really well. Soon, she will be doing great and living out her dreams! Take Care.

sandra (visit their site)

interesting thoughts...good to be analyzed...well said!

Jingle (visit their site)

lovely sentiments,
well delivered piece.

Jingle (visit their site)

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