Her Secret

Growing up, my dad was one of my best friends. I almost told him everything happened in my life. I knew, he was the only friend I really could count on, that I knew when I told her something in secret it wouldn’t go any further. My secrets were always safe with him. I was growing up happily.

Now I am a mother. It is my turn to  listen to my daughter's secret.

Everyone has secret, especially as a growing up kid, they have more secret. Why some people are not so close to their parents, I believe one of the reasons is that they seldom share their children's secrets, especially during the children growing up period.

Parents are always teaching too much on how children should do, but listen too little what children want to do.

I always try my very best to provide my daughter two listening ears when I am at home. She likes to tell me all sorts of funny things happening in the school. She tells me about her friends, her teachers, her happiness and her fears. One day she told me she love one boy in her class. "LOVE" ? I almost want to laugh, HaHa!  She was 9 years old that time. But I didn't laugh at her, in fact, I listened to her, "Does he handsome? " "Is he your good friend? " I asked her some this kind of questions. You may think that I am a silly mum. But I can tell you I communicated well with my parents during my growing up times. So do I now. I communicate well with my daughter during her growing up.  I do share with her a lot of my own opinions, my secrets such as how I got married to her dad, how I have been gone through a time period being a new wife, a daughter-in-law in a big family...That is a good feeling if you can share some secrets with your kids even those secrets actually are very small matters and looks silly in life. Because I am listening to her secrets and my lips are sealed, for example when she asked me to keep the secret from the father, I will do that. I gain her trust so I gain the chance to guide her grow up healthy and happily. Although a lot of time the news she shares isn’t exactly what I am as a mom want to hear. But I know that is when it is even more important that I am there for her to listen when she shares.

How about you, do you share your secrets with your parents? Do you share your secrets with your children?

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