Would You Quit Your Career for Husband?

"Will you quit your career for your husband?" I was asked by a lot of people, when I just came to Singapore, married to my husband. I was expected to be a house wife, stay at home, take care of in-laws, and may be a few of kids. :)

There are women who would quit her fine jobs for their man, but that is not me for sure.

I have seen a lot of women, they are very smart, they are very happy when they are single, but once they get married and choose to stay at home, everything changed. A small matter can make them upset for sometime, and their mind become negative, especially those who are from other country and married to Singaporean, they have few friends here, most of them came from different background and culture from husband's family, staying at home makes their life become very narrow, they can't find a friend to talk to when they have problems. That is why a lot of family problems occur. There are a few examples already.

I am a one so called “外来新娘”,I just want to say women should be more wise and calm when making such important decisions that may change our whole life track. Staying at home without works, your independence would be influenced, slowly you will lose your confidence too. There are a lot of uncertain things in life, no one will know what will happen in future, one certificate can only certify the relationship in a marriage, but not love. I'm not talking about disappointed stuff here, it's just we need to be wise and more prepared for the future uncertainty.

Independence and confidence are two important traits that we shouldn't lose even if we are married to a man with a lot of money. Women who totally dependent on men would under serious risk by time goes, men won't love you more just because you give up your own career, men who really loves you would be also respect you and your career.

So, would you quit your career for husband?

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