Live each day with joy in the journey…
no matter what road the journey takes you down.
RIMG0008 So this Color Carnival is the joy I want to share with all of you.
Happy Monday! Sometime, I feel very down mood, I can’t really happily merge into this beautiful country. I feel like

trapped in a fish tank, I look forward to swim back to the ocean. Thanks to Grace, I know, actually why should care if it is a fish tank or ocean, like those turtles, they are happy in the water in the fish tank, they may not so happy in the ocean…
So enjoy the beauty of life while we can.

3 Responses to "Joy"

Martha (visit their site)

How pretty! So glad you are joining us for the Color Carnival! Welcome! :-)

Sally in WA (visit their site)

Those are beautiful. They certainly would put a smile on my face.

Jama (visit their site)

The flowers are so pretty!