ABC Wednesday-J for Joy

Welcome again to the weekly online collaboration known as ABC Wednesday! This week is the turn for the letter "J". “J” in my this post is “Joy”. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”-John Keats

 Finding joys in life can be very easy. Buy something beautiful such as this pretty Eustoma flowers and appreciate its beauty is a joy.  Plant something green with flowers, see them grow from seeds, plants are proven mood enhancers. looking at those happy blooming, joys are just between your fingers and your mind.  Make your own rose corsage for a party, you realize how artistic you are. Admire the color and shape of the petals, remember how beautiful life can be. Aren’t they the joys around us? There are many many more other joys but of course “A joy shared is a joy doubled”. Know you're loved. There's no greater joy. Knowing you are loved by the special someone and find your every piece of jigsaw puzzle of your marriage life and manage to finish them into a wonderful picture as you wanted, that is the greatest joy in marriage. So J is for Joy, J for jigsaw puzzle too. Read my previous post Marriage Life Is a Big Jigsaw Puzzle here, and wish every one find your own joys in life.

9 Responses to "ABC Wednesday-J for Joy"

Anonymous (visit their site)

So many joys indeed! Lovely post and photos.

Sue (visit their site)

Fly Fly away, away from old red rusty car owner.


Jama (visit their site)

Receiving flowers can be a joy is full of JOY!

magiceye (visit their site)

just a visit to your blog is joyful! :)

Kate (visit their site)

The concept of appreciation and joy is a good one, and if the experts are right, it leads to a long life!

Sylvia K (visit their site)

Life can be full of joy, open the door and let the beauty flow inside! Such a wonderful, joyful post and photos!



Jay (visit their site)

So true .. find joy in the little things and the big ones often follow. And even if not, you will be happier!

~JarieLyn~ (visit their site)

Love your post and the photos are great too. Discovering joy in the smallest of things is life's greatest treasure.

Roger Owen Green (visit their site)

The thought of lovely photos is a joy forever.