Day Dreamer:Looking at the sky No1

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6 Responses to "Day Dreamer:Looking at the sky No1"

Linda (visit their site)

What a very cool shot! I just love pictures with contrasting clouds!

Arlene (visit their site)

Beautiful Scene!

Welcome to LATSOF!

Calico Crazy (visit their site)

Very pretty, I love all the pastels.

Calico Contemplations

Gayle (visit their site)

I really like the angle of your shot with all the foliage in the front.
The White House

Petula (visit their site)

That looks like a perfect spot to relax and daydream. Beautiful.

Ralph (visit their site)

The sky is beautiful. However, the leaves here seem to have the style of the roof of the pagoda, almost in parallel. A wonderful view!