Six Words Saturday No 7

Six words Saturday for this week: “Colorful post-it notes work on her.”
The photo is from Jama blog, “Colorful notes pasted by the participants of a workshop on what they have learn that day.” If you are curious what are the things in my this post related to Jama’s post-it note, read on.
My Six words Saturday for this week: “Colorful post-it notes work on her.” Of course, “her” here is not Jama, “her” mentioned is my daughter. Sometime I just get angry with her all habits, and no matter how angry I am, it doesn’t work on her…She always forgets to bring homework to school, she leaves the dirty clothes in the bath room after shower, she doesn’t cover back the toothpaste after brushing teeth, she takes out the chocolate and leaves the empty box in the fridge, or she leaves the house phone in the fridge and looks for it when it is ringing…Many such habits company our daily life until I am really really frustrated, because no matter how many times I scolded her, things are never changed.
So one day I choose to keep silent, and write a lot of post-it notes, paste all over the places where I think she need to be reminded…In the end of the day, when she was sleeping, I checked all the post-it notes, Guess what?
Some are the post-it notes are disappear… I saw the school back was packed and nicely kept by the door side for tomorrow which I left a post-it note to require her to do so, the clothes were kept in the basket for washing…Etc etc. There is a post-it note written by her in the toilet: “Hi, mom I wish the post-it notes from you will be lesser days by days.”
Yeah, she is right, a lot of her bad habits are gone, now the post-it notes from me are lesser.
“Colorful post-it notes work on her.” I will share this story with other moms on this Six Words Saturday…
And I would like to hear from you how to be a better mother.

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quilly (visit their site)

I use post it notes on me, too! Not for toothpaste cap type things, but if there's something I need to have when I leave the house, a note on the door will remind me not to go without it!

Another tactic -- if your daughter doesn't do something for herself, don't so it for her; and don't help her out of whatever jam it lands her in. If she has to live with the consequences of her mistakes or neglect, she'll shape up quick.

Dr.John (visit their site)

Whatever works with kids is good.

Magical Mystical Teacher (visit their site)

She needs reminders,
my daughter dear, so I write
notes and post them here!

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Betty (visit their site)

I love post it´s! They work for me too, but I never tried it on my kids. Great idea!

Aunt Julie (visit their site)

Would try post-it notes at my house but the three oldest are grown, and continue all those bad habits! Love her response.

AudreyO (visit their site)

I love the idea. My own daughter has a white board, but she doesn't always do what's on the board. I might have to try the post it note idea :)

Becca (visit their site)

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Call Me Cate (visit their site)

Adorable! I love the idea and that totally would've worked for me as a child. Or at least, I imagine it would because I'm a post-it note freak as an adult.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Jim (visit their site)

Those notes are something else! Do the colors of each me something special? I use them once in a while, mine are either green or yellow. Not very pretty, huh?

Thanks for peeking in on my old chairs. They are pretty neat, my sister even e-mailed me about them after she saw them on the blog. Most times she is pretty quiet. Since she lives in Iowa I don't see her often.

I hope your 6WS was nice. My OSI is posted on the link with my name above. I had to correct the address, the first one was to the chairs on my more active blog.

And your OSI is on your Gypsy L. blog, right? I will come probably later tonight, I have been very busy this afternoon.
In the olden days before sticky notes my mom found a cigarette lighter in my pants pocket after I had gone to bed.
She never said a word but left me a note about smoking and my health.
That didn't do much for me, I was probably sixteen.

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ (visit their site)


☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ (visit their site)

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