Flowers and Diamonds

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~Emma Goldman
But I will prefer to have diamonds on my neck if people around me don’t appreciate the beauty of flowers.
So to see more pretty flowers here and here, more love here, and I am still looking for diamonds, not sure where to get it.
Lol. Wish you have a great week ahead.

6 Responses to "Flowers and Diamonds"

Grace Olsson (visit their site)

great macro shot.-.I dont know the name but I was catching photos of the a briode when I saw it her bouquet...this kind flower and felt very very kinly and romantic

Carletta (visit their site)

Such a deep rich color.
Very lovely image!!!

Carletta’s Captures.

VALKYRIEN (visit their site)

That is a wonderful looking flower! And you know what? I am still looking for diamonds also..... :)

SquirrelQueen (visit their site)

What a beautiful flower, the color is so rich. When you have flowers this magnificent don't worry about diamonds. They would pale in comparison.

Through Squirrel Eyes

cyomi (visit their site)

Very georgeous flower!
I haven't seen such a wonderful color.
I'm happy to see this. Thank U!

Jama (visit their site)

Flowers wilt but diamond don't! lol
This flowers are so beautiful.