Single Impression: Thirst

Enjoy more beautiful Scenic every Sunday here. Scenic Sunday is a photo meme of the scenery. It can be landscapes, buildings, flowers, or anything you feel it's a scenery photo. This meme will be held every Weekend. Thank you for the host to list my previous post there. This is mine for this week, together I though I will give the photo some words to make it alive. Thank you for dropping by here. And I wish you enjoy Camera Critters too, which is the inspiration of Misty Dawn.

One Single Impression #81 ~ Thirst

For my dreams, for my wish, for my desires,
I travel long and far away from home,
For my thirst, for my hunger, for my love,
I travel far and lost my way back home,
I have food, I have drink,
But why I am still crying now and then,
On that big rock where my lover was there,
where my dreams, my wish and my desires were there,
Now leave me alone,
Looking for the water
To wash me, to cleanse me, and to quench my thirst!

16 Responses to "Single Impression: Thirst"

eileeninmd (visit their site)

Beautiful verse, I loved it! The photo is perfect.
Thanks for sharing.

SandyCarlson (visit their site)

Such a feeling of loss certainly can leave me thirsty no matter how satisfied I should feel. Thanks for sharing this with OSI.

mimi (visit their site)

fantastic shot of a beautiful horse.

Married to Singaporean (visit their site)

Reply to Mimi,
"fantastic shot of a beautiful horse", but I don't think there is a horse in my capture. Is there another name of turtle?
Thank you for reading anyway.

Linda Jacobs (visit their site)

I like the way you captured the feelings of being alone. But, remember, the tortoise wins!

(a horse?)

gautami tripathy (visit their site)

I am glad I arrived here. Wonderful verse and photo!

inside, outside, which side

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i beati (visit their site)

good angle sandy

Sherrie (visit their site)

Beautiful shot!! Turtles are awesome critters! Have a great day!


Gattina (visit their site)

What a beautiful picture, the turtle looks so curious, lol !

Tammie Lee (visit their site)

This is a lovely heart felt sharing. Thank you.

Nancy Bea Miller (visit their site)

There is something really beautiful about this one...maybe I'm hearing a faint echo of Whitman? Not sure, but anyway... lovely!

Anonymous (visit their site)

splendid verse! :)

Tumblewords: (visit their site)

Gorgeous photo and a beautiful plea!

Jim (visit their site)

Perry, this is a splendid poem telling of a lover whose loved one is gone. Gone, perhaps to stay.
I am sorry, I didn't recognize your new sign-in name. It is fine. I also saw Perry for the first time. I might still call you 'Gypsy Lady.'
While I am here I will comment on your Ruby Tuesday. I see we are in common doing 6WS, RT, and OSI. I cut out Wordless Wednesday and Sky Watching and Sky Looking as I am trying to just post to the memes that I have time to answer. There are sooooo many good posts.
I am liking OSI the best right now. I might learn to write poetry if I keep up with it.
Oh Yes, I was admiring your template when I didn't know it was yours. I am still on the old blogger so I can't use these pretty ones.

gengen (visit their site)

It looks pretty shot. Happy watery Wednesday.

Pat (visit their site)

Thought provoking poem. Love the turtle!