One Single Impression – Romance

Scenic Sunday
, Thanks you Simon, for your photo

When I close my eyes,
Romance is in my mind,
I open my eyes, it is flying in the sky.
Romance is a butterfly,
chasing toward the light,
leaving me alone in this quiet night.

I try to recall our romantic life,

You were sweet love of mine,
I was attached to your charming smile,
You are the star that twinkles in the night.
This poem is for you then I write,
I wish you could remember our romance in life,
I walk alone in this quiet night,
Thinking of your charming smile…

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10 Responses to "One Single Impression – Romance"

Photo Cache (visit their site)

what a quiet pathway. i love the lighting from the lamppost. very nice.

Sweetest in the Gale (visit their site)

What a sweet poem, yet also sad as you realize this person no longer has the person they love with them. Beautifully done! The nighttime photo is gorgeous, too.

bethany (visit their site)

I second the Sweetest in Gale's comment. It is well done!

SandyCarlson (visit their site)

Thanks for sharing the essence of romance.

Tumblewords: (visit their site)

Lovely photo and words that sing. Lyrical and a bit melancholy.

Leo (visit their site)

the imagery comparing romance to a butterfly was sensational! :)

loved this! a great read!

Amias (visit their site)

I love the photo, it's so hauntingly beautiful, sort of like romance. Sometime romance can be as short as a butterfly life.

DeLi (visit their site)

a beautidul, poignant photo well-matched by words

gabrielle (visit their site)

so beautiful the way you release your love
my favorite line: ""I open my eyes, it is flying in the sky."

Tammie Lee (visit their site)

your poem keeps a candle lit, in the memories of love and romance.