Six Words Saturday No4

Six words Saturday for this week:  “What’s wrong with my turtle?”

I just not sure what’s wrong with my turtle, there is a tail out from the shell, it doesn’t go back for a few hours already…They were swimming in the fish tank happily before. There were four turtles in one fish tank before, two of them were given out to friends not too long ago. Now there are two turtles. Just only a few hours ago, Before I were about to clean the fish tank, two of them are still happily playing together, one of the bigger one like to climb up on the back of the smaller one…I the bigger one down, and notice the tail of the small turtle is out from the shell, no matter how I touch it, it doesn’t go back to the shell…

9 Responses to "Six Words Saturday No4"

Bridgette (visit their site)

Oh no! I hope the turtle is ok!

fickleinpink (visit their site)

maybe the bigger one broke or strained the smaller one's neck?

silly me, but i sure hope the turtle's ok!

Drahdrah (visit their site)

I hope it turns out ok. :(

Mellisa (visit their site)

Oh poor thing. I am really worried about this turtle. Keep us updated! I think fickleinpink might be right. Maybe it can't pull it back in because neck was strained!

croleyc69 (visit their site)

Hope things turn out alright.

Jenn@ You know... that blog? (visit their site)

Aww, poor little guy. Hope he's ok.

Becca (visit their site)

Little creatures like that are so hard to diagnose because they don't even really make noise if they are in pain. Hope your turtle gets better soon!

dddiva (visit their site)

Aww hope the little guy is better soon.

Kilauea Poetry (visit their site)

I haven't had a turtle since I lived in California..that's a bit strange. Hope he's going to be ok-