Stay at home moms, build your own pink mood

What is the something sweet? For example, I will buy some fresh flowers, ruby tulips, and make a pretty bouquet give her as a surprised present for no reasons. Just to tell her: “You are a good girl, I love you so much.”

A lot of my friends are stay at home moms, I heard enough about they complain a lot about time is always not enough, every is busy but feel nothing is done, helpless and meaningless in life etc…I understand the feeling, we start to do those forever can’t finished house work from the time wake up, cooking, washing, cleaning…End of the day, some husband not even appreciate what you have done during the day, children may make you angry, mother-in-laws or sister-in-laws may pick up some little matters to quarrel with you…I understand that terrible feelings when you about to sleep on the bed, recall what you have been doing for whole day, you will ask yourself, is this my every day life? Is this the meaning of my life?
Sounds familiar?
I am not a stay at home mom, I am working for a full time job. But I really understand what you complain about, my friends. Here are some of my personal tips I would like to share with you.
I call it build a pink mood for yourself. What is pink mood? Pink color is sweet, pink color is romantic, pink color is young. Yes, that’s all, build your own pink mood, stay young, be romantic, be sweet.
Be young. Although all the cosmetic does help in look old. But still exercise is the best. If you're feeling antsy, go for a walk or a jog. Exercise will keep you healthy, It also help you clear your mind and relax when you're feeling overwhelmed. Exercise is different from doing housework, a lot of my friends they exercise enough in the housework. No, that is not exercise, exercise means you relax your mind, relax your body. You can choose outdoor or indoor exercise, keep an hour a day for yourself, just for yourself and treat your body good.
Be romantic. Create some surprise for your partner, for your kids, for the family. A bunch of wild flowers will light up a small space too. A pretty ribbon bow can add a feel to the curtain…romance is everywhere, you just need to look around and give yourself and family some surprise, some cheerful mood, something new in our daily life. My friend says she is so busy from morning till night, where to find the mood to be romantic. You need not to do all the house work at one time. Plan a timetable for house work, you need to be focused in certain time range for certain work, and free yourself at the rest of the day.
Be sweet. No one likes to be nagged for whole day. Remember what we hate most in our childhood time? We didn’t like our parents nagging to us, right? Same rule apply to our kids and spouse. Nagging makes us feel bad about ourselves. We really don't want to be bad-tempered badgering person. We will look old and ugly when we are that way. Most of the time, nagging doesn't work, we must find more effective ways to communicate with our spouse and kids. Why we, moms like to nag, because we expect too much on our kids and husband, we expect kids will be as good as we wanted, they will do the homework once back home instead playing computer game, we expect husband will help in washing the dish after the dinner…When they don’t do whatever things as we expected, we start to feel disappointed, and start to nag…I don’t feel that is a good way, for me I will say some sweet words to my daughter,  most of the time she will be very happy to help me in house work. So I will have more free time to think of something sweet to make her more happy.
ow about you, I am sure some of you who are reading this post, are stay at home moms too. Do you have a happy pink mood?
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Dora (visit their site)

I love the choco and piggy gift instead of the flowers! Can eat choco and hug piggy. DOn't like to smell flowers. ;D