Take me home

“Take Me Home, Country Roads”
Don't you think you get used to live abroad, even if you miss your native country? Will you go back to your native country when you are old, even you already have your family, life partner, kids, when you live abroad…
What is a place so called hometown, what is the meaning so called native country in every one of your heart, you, who ever live abroad for so long, have you ever have so called homesick?

Is the sky here same as the sky in my hometown? Sky Watch Friday, I miss the sky in my hometown.

3 Responses to "Take me home"

Kirigalpoththa (visit their site)

That second picture is beautiful!

Louise (visit their site)

The brilliant sky with that neat row of buildings is terrific!

Tabib (visit their site)

Beautiful pictures, especially the 2nd.
I have stay abroad, so don't know about homesick.