ABC Wednesday-N for Nature

ABC Wednesday-N for Nature. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve-My World Tuesday conitued: (Click picture to enlarge)

I like to see the big trees in the rainforest, some big trees reach up to forty meters, widely spaced and very tall, they have been living there for many many years, they must have a strong and competitive race to get to the sun for the leaves. I like to see the leaves in the rainforest, the leaves are quite waxy with drip tips to protect the trees from heavy rain, all the leaves are the beauty of nature, they are telling us the stories in the rainforest. The most interesting are those lianas, they climb across those big trees to get more sunlight, some hang down from the trees to the ground to get water, they make the vegetation more dense, but yet they are many many plants like fern type get to survive with few sunlight. That is life in nature, quite struggling if you ask me! Same as in our office, every working place is just like some kinds of rainforest, isn’t it?

8 Responses to "ABC Wednesday-N for Nature"

photowannabe (visit their site)

Lots of Nature for the letter N today. Yes nature is a struggle as is life sometimes.

Carolyn Ford (visit their site)

Beautiful Beautiful! Nature at its finest! Gorgeous shots!

Leslie: (visit their site)

Love going on walks in nature reserves! lovely place! :D

Q (visit their site)

Seeing your autumn Nature photographs is so very nice...

Tumblewords: (visit their site)

A lovely collage of nature's magic!

Jama (visit their site)

Beautiful nature!

katney (visit their site)

I think I would like to go for a hike!!

Roger Owen Green (visit their site)

It'll be interesting to see how much nature we'll see today.