Looking at the sky from my window

A sunny day, I am looking at the sky from my window, still don’t feel like going back to office today, a hard working person like me seldom take any off day from work, I don’t know what to do at home except making some day dreams…And it is so so so good when I still can have some day dreams while struggling with work-life balance, stress, marriage and kid.

4 Responses to "Looking at the sky from my window"

Carletta (visit their site)

The view from your window is beautiful!
Hope things will be better for you soon.

Joops (visit their site)

That's beautiful!

Come and take a look some gorgeous parts of Mt. Seorak in Korea.

Dianne (visit their site)

the big puffs of clouds must have made you smile

hope things get easier soon

Calico Crazy (visit their site)

A lovely view from your window. Balance in necessary in life, and daydreams are just plain fun.

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