Color Carnival-Advertisement Board

Security, Safety and Fire Prevention advertisement board...

I found this old photo in my album, I like the color theme shown in the picture, I thought it was an appropriate picture for both Colour Carnival and shadow shot. Wishing you have a great Sunday.

9 Responses to "Color Carnival-Advertisement Board"

Martha (Menagerie) (visit their site)

Excellent! Thanks for playing along on the Color Carnival! :-)

Sylvia K (visit their site)

Great shot for both Color Carnival and Shadow shot! It is very colorful! Fun!

Happy SSS!


Rinkly Rimes (visit their site)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Squirrel (visit their site)

Nice photos, full of color.

Crafty Green Poet (visit their site)

that's an interesting and colourful advertisement board!

Richie's 2ts Inspires (visit their site)

Very Asian way of arts, well, sorta §;-)

I know what I meant.

Cool shot...
Happy SS

Sara Chapman (visit their site)

What a great display! Unusual use of color, also. And of course, great shadows too.

Jim (visit their site)

Hi M.T.S, this is a neat picture. I do like Oriental drawings, we have a hand painted one in the hall. Signed and sealed by the artist, we watched him creat it.
Thank you for reading my little Mr. Talisman poem. It was fun to do.

Linda :) (visit their site)

Great choice for the Carnival!! :)