Six words Saturday No 9

“Slow down, simplicity, and appreciate life.”

I took the photos of the turtle last week, I really love to see the turtles, they are swimming slowly, they do eat a lot, they can survive in bad environment…“Slow down, simplicity, and appreciate life.”

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quilly (visit their site)

We are moving away from this city so we can slow down, simplify and appreciate life. I am looking forward to the new year.

jabblog (visit their site)

We could learn a lot from our fellow inhabitants on this planet if we only would.
I liked this sequence of shots - how lovely to be able to see these creatures up close.

Ginger (visit their site)

I like your attitude. I could use a little more "slow and simple" today. Thanks for the reminder and the lovely photos.

mellisarock (visit their site)

My kids get so excited when they see a turtle in a pond or stream...they love to look watch them at the entrance to the zoo!!

Thanks for sharing yours!!

Betty (visit their site)

Great reminder - good six words!

Drahdrah (visit their site)

You're absolutely right !

Melli (visit their site)

Ahhhh yes... we can learn from the turtles! And enjoy them too! :)

Jim (visit their site)

Who doesn't like to find a turtle sitting out or swimming near the top! These are nice pictures.
Happt 6WS!
BTW, Mrs. Jim has a nice turtle soup recipe.

Jenn@ You know... that blog? (visit their site)

I totally agree!

AudreyO (visit their site)

I think we all need to take time occasionally and just slow down :)

sema (visit their site)

lovely shots and a great message!


Matty (visit their site)

More people should take this advice.

I already have.

Call Me Cate (visit their site)

Well, they can't outrun anything. Guess they have to outsmart it instead. And those are pretty wise ideas.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

eileeninmd (visit their site)

Great words to follow and wonderful photos fo teh turtle. thanks for sharing your critter.

We love Luna (visit their site)

ohmigod, it's really adorable! I love turtles!You did a fabulous post!
Happy Camera critters
purrs and love

teri (visit their site)

love it!

Calico Crazy (visit their site)

Great turtle captures. We used to live near a pond that for years was used as a dumping spot. The only thing that survived were the turtles. Thankfully now they have cleaned it and lots of lovely creatures call it home.

Calico Contemplations