Happy Birthday

 Happy Birthday to Aunty Wee! This traditional cake is ordered for Aunty Wee, she is so happy to see this cake in Chinese traditional design. The red color word in the center is Chinese “Shou”. Shou is the ancient Chinese symbol meaning longevity or long life. The Shou can also symbolize age or birthday. It is always together with the other two Chinese symbol “Fu” and “Lu”: Fu Lu Shou, these three Chinese symbol refer to the three Chinese deities of the God of Happiness (Fu), the God of Prosperity (Lu), and the God of Longevity (Shou). Here I want to share some about gift ideas in Chinese culture to support our great meme: Ruby Tuesday In Chinese culture, Shou (寿), also referred to as Shou Lao (寿老), the "Old Immortal of the South Pole" (南极仙翁), and the "Longevity Star" ( 寿星), is the God of Longevity and is usually shown as a smiling old gentleman with a prominent forehead who holds a walking stick and carries a peach (桃). As his name implies, Shou symbolizes a long life. In traditional Chinese culture, they believe that wisdom came with age, Longevity is important to Taoists (Daoists) too because of their quest for immortality. So a gift with this Great word in red color is the best gift to old generation of Chinese. Do remember to send something in red if you want to send a gift to Chinese, although more and more young generation actually don’t really follow such traditional culture. I wish to hear from you about your experience of sending gifts to different people. Cheers.


Magical Mystical Teacher (visit their site)

Long life be with you,
Aunty Wee; the cake is yours—
for felicity!

My Ruby Tuesday