Singaporean-Six words Saturday #11

“Heavy traffic near shell stations today”

Today, most of the shell Petrol Stations (excluding four of them never join the promotion) in Singapore are having a promotion, Celebrate the launch of new Shell FuelSave 98 and 95 at just $1 (nett) per litre, promotion stared from 10AM and will end at 6pm only for today, it caused heavy traffic jam anywhere near the shell stations. The CISCO have been activated for crowd control. Some drivers did horn non-stop while queuing for petrol promotion, some drivers were jumping into the queue, some were quarreling because of small matters during the queue…Again, the shell management are fancy showcasing the ugliest side of ourselves after the previous promotion on our national day!

The queue was just crazy! It ran more than 1 km outside the Shell Petrol Stations at many places. I was told by a lot of people they spent an hour queue for pumping the cheapest petrol. Ya, crazy queue indeed …I don’t know how much they can save, maybe $30, I bet for the max, but how about the time, an hour! Save money but waste the time and the petro while queuing, how much can you save? What is the purpose of saving? In the end only Shell is the winner, will be on the headline on the media.

I never joined the queue, for me the best way of saving money is to take public transport when I am not in a hurry. I always try not driving on weekend when I am not rushing between office and home. I try to take a walk for some short distance. Isn’t it the easy way to save money and save our environment instead of queuing for an hour to pump petrol.

The previous shell Petrol Stations promotion on National Day caused a lot of traffic problems too. I just don’t understand those who can afford a car worth tens of thousands of dollars, eat out one time can easily spend more than $50 for a small family, buying one TOTO spending more than $50, but yet they are scramble like ugly beggars for the small discount, are these our lovely typical Singaporeans?

Should I say “Happy Pumping!” ?

4 Responses to "Singaporean-Six words Saturday #11"

Valencia (visit their site)

I so hate traffic!

Dr.John (visit their site)

Cheap petro will always do that

Call Me Cate (visit their site)

I refuse to sit in lines for something like that. Such a waste of my time and I've found time is one thing we just can't get back.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Veronica (visit their site)

Visiting :)

I don't sit in lines when gas stations do things like that. People always get worked up into a frenzy.