Shadow shot of birds

lonely bird Gypsy Lala see a  Lonely bird in her photo. Life as I see it: More lonely birds on my Shadow Show Sunday.

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Sarah (visit their site)

Beautiful shots!

Marie Höglund (visit their site)

Lovely! I like the light in the first shot. Like dimonds in the water glittering :-)

Magical Mystical Teacher (visit their site)

Into the ocean
sandpipers wade, looking for
sweet morsels to eat.

My Shadow Shot

Sweet Repose (visit their site)

Love the tone set here by the misty shore light...very peaceful!

Crafty Green Poet (visit their site)

birds and their shadows - some of my favourite sights...

Joops (visit their site)

Those are gorgeous shots!

I am a little bit late for my post but I am catching up. Hope you can still see My Shadow Shot Entry.

Richie's 2ts Inspires (visit their site)

Seems the birds gathered to have fun on Halloween.