The wheel

An old wheel lies in the work shop
Many years on the road rounds and rounds
Turning, spinning, the wheel running
Without wondering what is the life struggling for
Till the day of ending

The old wheel lies at the corner now
Seeing many other wheels rounds in and out,
You are busy checking the wheel base
Ups and downs
Many phone calls, many drawings, many work
Life like a wheel running on the road
Has been hurt, has been burst,
Has been treasured, has been abandoned
Such a world without much choices on fate

Love stagnate
Such a life turn like a wheel

PS.Wheel Friday.


Greyscale Territory (visit their site)

This poem on a wheel is magical! Love the analogy with life itself -the journey, the mishaps... A wonderful idea! And the photo is great!

Thank you so much for particpating in my Wheels Friday meme!

Enjoy your weekend!