Haiku Heights : struggle and shadow

When you struggle with your fears,

Your hesitation and expectation in life

They are all your shadows

Follow you days and nights

From a distance to see my own shadow is pretty, at least I feel this way, after some time to look back all the struggles in life, I feel my life is worth it, no matter how other people would like to say…

PS. For no reasons, I just like to take all the shadows shot, shadow of all kinds…Click the link below to see more shadow shots, and I will try to post up my shadow shot every Sunday.

2nd Edition:
Hesitation and expectation in life

They’re shadows follow you days and nights

Struggle with fears to survive

6 Responses to "Haiku Heights : struggle and shadow"

vivienne blake (visit their site)

Lovely pictures, beautiful quatrain.

Leo (visit their site)

hi M2S.. welcome to Haiku Heights.. :) very glad that u have shared your first try at haiku with us... good to have u join in... your words are wise, and well written..

like Vivinne has mentioned, this is a quatrain :) Haiku is three lines usually :) with a maximum of seventeen syllables(pronunciation sounds). Tradition takes a 5-7-5 syllable format for the three lines too.. Please do try it.. It's a challenge to get a lot of meaning in three short lines I feel.. :)

Lastly, I liked your photography :) a nice shot..!

Amity (visit their site)

love your photos and the message of the quatrain!

you're into photography too? me, loving it also now.. :)

i used my own photo for my haiku offering this week...:) do check!

Leo (visit their site)

helo M2S :) you're getting there.. some struggles are worth the effort. and your tercet is indeed a wonderfully poignant take :D

I hope I don't sound like I'm preaching, but again, a syllable is not the same as a word :) a syllable is a pronunciation sound, like Married to Singaporean has 3 words and 8 syllables.. coz u pronounce it Mar-ried to Sin-ga-po-re-an..

You can check out, The Free Dictionary where the syllables have been shown clearly in the word. like He.si.ta.tion has 4 parts there, so four syllables :) just search the word..

Glad you're not giving up on a haiku.. Good work with the effort.. the struggle is paying off in instalments.. as it does at the start :D

P.S: Please try a different template. This one eats up the comments of bigger length.. :(

Jingle (visit their site)

well said,

Jingle (visit their site)


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