One Single Impression: Beginning

Begin and the end

Love begin with the first sigh not the judgment

Marriage end if one of you begin to judge

The value of love

Trust is the key in marriage

Suspicion make you hurt

Feeling begin to fade

5 Responses to "One Single Impression: Beginning"

SandyCarlson (visit their site)

Trust is the key, and when it's gone, it's gone. Thanks for sharing this with us.

gautami tripathy (visit their site)

So very true....

red sand

Amity (visit their site)

yeah, marriage ends when one begins to judge!

very true!!!

Ramesh Sood (visit their site)

Passing judgements indeed is the surrest way to lose out on the loved ones.. acceptane is the key for love.. unconditional acceptance.. very well said..liked it.

RiikaInfinityy (visit their site)

Agreed! Trust and understanding very important=D